In Saku, we started to dance the line dance on September 2 nd, 2001 when Marek Linnutaja held the first dance class at Saku County Cultural Centre.
It quickly became very popular and after just one month there were ten's of people dancing. Since then, every Thursday and Sunday evening a bunch of people are coming to the dance hall again and again, in order to spend a few hours dancing together.
  In May 2007, an official club was registered in Estonia: Saku Linedance club "Happy Feet".
Beside learning dances and performing we are also organizing linedance events in Estonia.
Most famous one is international linedance event Dance Until You Drop or shorter version just DUYD.
It is 3-day event, where dancers from all over Europe come together to learn new dances from world famous line dance choreographers.
Also we are organizing Saku Linedance Day, where mainly we are dancing and learning new dances, but also we are having Estonian Choreography Competition.
Additionally we have organized dance technique classes for competitors.