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Many of You already have had some connection with line-dance. Either it was a company Summer Day or some kind of cultural  event. In Saku, we started to dance the Country line dance on September 2 nd, 2001 when Marek Linnutaja held the first dance class at Saku County Cultural Centre. It quickly became very popular and after just one month there were ten's of people dancing. Since then, every Sunday evening, there has been a bunch of people who come to the dance hall again and again, in order to spend a few hours dancing together. At the moment, we have even three teachers - two female and one male. This makes us the "richest" and fastest developing line dance club in Estonia. Saku line dancers are known not only in Estonia, but also in Europe. In May 2007, an official club was registered in Estonia: Saku Linedance club "Happy Feet".

What is Line-dancing?
The classical explanation would be: dance with certain basic steps where the dancers are next to each-other and in lines. In the 1980's and 1990's, at least here in Estonia, line-dancing was related to American country music. Then, more recently, there were changes which are still influencing this dance. There have been several new styles introduced to the line-dance, such as funky, cha-cha, waltz, rumba etc. This trend is coming from Europe and the main reason is that there is a lot of young dancers joining who don't want to hear anything about Stetsons and boots. This, of course, does not mean that we should forget Classical County line-dancing. We still learn dances using country music and boots and Stetsons are more than welcome. If we look at the leading European line-dance countries like Holland, Sweden, UK, Spain and Germany, we can see dozens of 18-25 year old dancers on the dance floor. We would recommend that all young Estonian guys discover this dance and lifestyle for themselves, because cowboys, boots and Stetsons have for years been symbols of manhood.

Why do people Line-dance?
Line dancing does not need a partner or former dancing experience and this is why many people have discovered this dance style for themselves. But the main reason is that our dancers leave the dance lessons with not just a small feeling of tiredness but a BIG feeling of satisfaction and happiness. We guarantee that you will leave the dance class in better mood and happier than when you came in, and we will see You again and again on the dance floor every Sunday.

We wish You all the best and Joy of Dancing!

Happy Feet

  Saku Linedancers
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